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App for Preventing Pregnancy Gets FDA Marketing Approval. Is It Reliable

A cell phone application for preventing pregnancy has recently turned. This app gets the approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This application is called the Natural Cycles and it also is known as fertility awareness. It is basically a high technical version of the musicality technique. It utilizes a calculation of the days of the month when a lady is well on the way to be fertile and advises a lady about its condition. The app group the days in red or green. On red days the app recommends to the user to get the protection of a condom.


The application provides the sensitive thermometer to the ladies. The lady takes her temperature each morning. This touchy thermometer is called a basal body thermometer. These thermometers are given to those ladies who agree to accept a yearly membership of the application. This application can recognize the slight increments in body temperature.

Age Limit:

According to the organization this application is recommended for those ladies whose lies between the ages of 20 – 40. Because these ladies are in a steady relationship and are happy with utilizing insurance on fertile days. And taking their temperature at the beginning of the day.

Role of Consumer and Organization:

Consumers are progressively utilizing the digital health technologies to update their regular health decisions. This new application can give an effective technique for controlling birth. It is utilized effectively and accurately. Dr Terri Cornelison which is the assistant director for the health of ladies in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health said in an announcement. “Ladies should realize that no type of contraception works accurately, so an unexpected pregnancy could still result from remedy utilization of this gadget.”

The organization has done its own particular examinations. According to the FDA statement, the 15,570 ladies utilized the application for a normal of eight months. If ladies appropriately utilized this application, then around the 2 out of 100 ladies will get pregnant throughout a year.

Pros and Cons of Apps:

  • Natural Cycles is as powerful as birth control medication pills which have a 9 percent disappointment rate during a year of regular use. Furthermore, it would mean that the application is more reliable and effective rather than the traditional fertility awareness techniques which have almost 24 per cent failure rate.
  • In Europe, this application is already approved. This app is further investigating in Sweden. The 37 women who used this app in Sweden became pregnant.
  • The ladies get more red days when they were starting to use the app. But they get fewer red days when the app knows about their menstrual cycle.
  • Ladies should not utilize Natural Cycles in that case when they are utilizing hormonal birth prevention. Or in that event when they have a poor medicinal condition in which getting to be pregnant may a critical hazard for her. The application does not ensure against sexually transmitted disease.