• Social Media over PPC campaign for business
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    Why to choose Social Media over PPC campaign for business

    There is a huge debate about social media and advertising on these platforms. You might have a limited budget and maybe you have just arrived in the business. However, despite all of it, social media is something that is worth your money. Most of people ask about why to choose social media over PPC campaign for business and here we will discuss certain things that give it an edge. Specific audience Traditionally, we have the marketing that gives us broad range which is usually based on guesses. For instance, you might be stated that individuals between the age 18 and 35 would be targeted with income of around $75K to…

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    How to get more attention from Social Media

    Media in Upcoming New Year This year is about to end and it is the time to rejoin and to think that was would be our strategies for the New Year. It’s the time to think and to decide that what we can do in the year 2019 to make the things better from all aspects and to make it a wonderful year with lots of success. The main and the important thing to make 2019 successful is the strategic focus on Social Media. Social media is a wide large field which always keeps on changing and there are some trends which are needed to be followed to get you…