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Difference between civil and other lawyers

A lawyer or an attorney is known to practice law. As there are different types of lawyers so each lawyer has a specific domain in which they practice law. This type of information is vital for people who are thinking to, or pursuing law as a career as it gives a deep insight in this field and also for those people who are looking for legal representation. Different types of lawyers are divorce attorney, bankruptcy lawyer, corporate lawyer, Civil lawyer etc. The educational requirement of all these lawyers is same, having only few differences in elective courses according to the field.

Civil Lawyers are the people who protect their civil rights or recover damages if the civil rights have been broken, making it as a main differential aspect from other lawyers. These lawyers focuses on cases involving wills, mortgages, titles, leases, contracts, divorce, litigation and trusts. There are different types of civil rights lawyers who focuses on the specific civil rights that are involved in the case, for example, some civil lawyers focuses on the discrimination issues while others focuses on people who have been targeted for wrongdoing by the law enforcement.

The difference between a civil lawyer and criminal lawyer is that if a case involves a criminal behaviour such as a murder then there will be a criminal lawyer to focus on this issue but if there is an issue with the lawsuit regarding that case then that comes under the field of the Civil Rights Lawyer. In other words, if there is case which involves a legal dispute between the parties then that is civil case. There is also another set of law which is different from the civil law system, this is the common law system which is mainly practiced in countries like US, England, India, Canada etc. In common law system the lawyers make certain presentations to the judge and sometimes the jury, the judge has a greater flexibility in common law than in a civil law system.

Civil Lawyers unlike other lawyers have to specialize in a wide range of areas, including personal injury law, employment law, family law, business law etc. Every lawsuit that occurs in any type of case involves a civil case which is handled by the civil lawyer. Civil lawyers also helps in cases which involves when a party sues another party, this type of scenario is under the civil lawyer. Lawyers which handles real-estate cases are known as the Real-estate lawyers while the civil lawyers can be a part of the cases which deals with the lawsuits regarding the real-estate, just like this civil lawyers have the ability to handle any case in any type of field regarding the lawsuits as they are specialized in different fields. This makes the Civil Rights Lawyers different from other lawyers as they can be a part of any field which involves a dispute between certain parties, filing lawsuit against the party or suing another person or a party.