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How IPhone XS is better than Other Smart Phones?

Who runs the world? IPhones. Is there anything wrong in saying that? I believe not. It’s true. IPhone is the most preferred and desired phone by the customers. Although, many of us cannot afford it, but we won’t deny the fact that iPhone is indeed the king of all mobile phones. Everyday a new mobile phone is launched with different upgraded features, and innovations. But the biggest challenge they are facing right now is the growth of the iPhone family. IPhone is one hell of a strong competitor. Every time an iPhone is launched, customers rushes towards it.

So recently iPhone has launched three new models, added three new phones to the iPhone family. IPhone is the name of innovation. Every year it shows up with a new model, containing unique features, distinct qualities, innovative shape and much more. It has no competition with any smartphone. It’s already at the growth level. Its recently launched phones include iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, and the iPhone XR, which is same in shape and overall design but lacks in some of the features. The newest models are very rich in features. The most noticeable feature of iPhone XS is the Face ID. The Touch ID that has been previously ruling the iPhones, have now been replaced with the Face ID. It has a 5.8 inches multi-touch display, plus it is water resistance.

Battery timings

IPhone XS also comes with improved battery timings. It comes with a longer battery life. It can work for 12 hours with the use of internet. It can work for 14 hours max if you’re only playing videos. It can work for absolute 20 hours if you are neither connected to internet nor you’re playing videos. And the battery time goes up to 60 hours with audio playback and that too wireless.

Price of iPhone XS

No matter how rich in features, the iPhone XS is very much expensive. Its sale price right now is $1,099, which is a huge amount.

Display of iPhone XS

IPhone XS is a little wide and long as compared to the other recently launched iPhones that are iPhone XS max and iPhone XR. Also, the screen is 5.8 inches wide.

Camera of iPhone XS

Apart from other features, an iPhone is famous and most liked because of its camera. What makes iPhone unique and stand out in front of other phones is indeed its camera. IPhone has brought many innovations to its camera. The new iPhone XS camera offers various effects. It has a 12 megapixel camera and has a dual lens camera. The most innovative camera feature of the new iPhone XS is the advanced Portrait mode. This Portrait mode lets you manage the background, i.e. how much part of the background you want to blur and to what extent. It also came up with a smart HDR feature. This allows you to take still pictures of things in motion, i.e. things that are moving.

IPhone XS is indeed worth the purchase. It is far better than all the other smartphones.