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How to get more attention from Social Media

Media in Upcoming New Year

This year is about to end and it is the time to rejoin and to think that was would be our strategies for the New Year. It’s the time to think and to decide that what we can do in the year 2019 to make the things better from all aspects and to make it a wonderful year with lots of success. The main and the important thing to make 2019 successful is the strategic focus on Social Media.

Social media is a wide large field which always keeps on changing and there are some trends which are needed to be followed to get you prepared for the year 2019. Following are the some basic trends which are to be focused on the New Year to have success and more attention from social media.

  • User-generated content

User generated contents generally means the influencer marketing and that is really the issue of great success. But that doesn’t mean there will always be success and success stories, there could be some disasters too and there are some disasters in the form of troubles and no results. But still, influencer marketing is beneficial but at least in the year 2019 there would be the trend of micro influencer marketing which means the promotion of a particular brand on a small scale or micro level. More specifically user generated content is about the involvement of audience in the content generation based on the personal contacts with the clients. All this can be done with the help of user generated contents and the brands which can figure out new ways to get connected with the audience and to generate the contents on behalf of the brands to generate massive success.

  • Using visuals

The best way to capture the interest of the followers specially on Instagram and other social media is to engage them on social media platforms with help of videos and visuals. Almost everywhere statistics have shown that posts and contents which include visuals get more audience engagement than that of those which have normal written contents to read. So especially for the year 2019, there should be more use of high quality visuals and to make them a strong powerful source of the contents which you upload on your social media account and this would be a better social media marketing strategy. The large and the basic social media platforms include Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram all these have implemented videos in their platforms and this has made more audience engagement and attachment on the social media channels. In the year 2019 these visualizations will be highly focused. As YouTube is the biggest hit and the most famous social platform and the main reason behind this is the base of the channel on visualization.

  • Real time contents

Social media is moving more towards the live videos and real-time contents and that is a good thing to have increased customers’ attachment with the contents and also with your brand. And these connections are sure to improve and increase in the near future.



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