Social Media over PPC campaign for business
Social Media

Why to choose Social Media over PPC campaign for business

There is a huge debate about social media and advertising on these platforms. You might have a limited budget and maybe you have just arrived in the business. However, despite all of it, social media is something that is worth your money. Most of people ask about why to choose social media over PPC campaign for business and here we will discuss certain things that give it an edge.

Specific audience

Traditionally, we have the marketing that gives us broad range which is usually based on guesses. For instance, you might be stated that individuals between the age 18 and 35 would be targeted with income of around $75K to $100K. However, social media provides you a chance to specify your audience pin point (Source: Lyfe Marketing).

These channels allow you to specify the age group of individuals you wish to target. You can also select a certain gender and may choose to show your ads to people from a certain location. Moreover, you get an option to list the interest of people whom you are trying to target so that the ads are shown to relevant individuals only.

Work with limited budgets

If you have limited budget, which is generally the case with startups and new companies, you can go with social media. The best thing is that it works with the limited budget and you can advertise on it for as low as a single dollar! Yes, the social media gives you a chance to advertise for as little as a dollar and the fact that it is highly cost effective and has tendency to fit into any budget gives it a great edge over PPC and traditional advertising.

You can simply take the top performing posts at your page and boost them so that they reach to more and more people and you can advertise your brand.

Tracking made easy

The tough part in advertising is not spending money or ad making. It is more about tracking the ads to see which one is performing better. The thing is that most of the individuals try to run more than one ad to see which works best for their business before settling on a strategy. Social media allows you to track your ad stats easily.

The data about your ads is shown to you in real time which means that it is being updated each second. You can track your ads results painlessly and see which ad engaged the most while which one under performed.

Higher brand visibility

And lastly, social media provides you a chance to have a higher brand visibility. You are able to show your brand to as many Instagram followers as you like. When you are operating under a name and the ads are shown to individuals about that business, you ultimately reach out to them, telling them that a business exists that provide certain products or services. So, you don’t wait for them to come to you. Instead, you are going to them and letting them know that your brand is up and running.